“Celebrating 20 years of knowledge sharing on learning and development in the public sector”

Announcing the


On 07 – 09 October 2019 to be held at the

Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Gauteng Province

Organised and hosted by the

National School of Government and the PSTF Advisory Committee

  1. Background

In 2011, the South African government adopted the National Development Plan (NDP) – Vision 2030. Chapter 13 of the NDP calls for the building of a capable and developmental State. The vision articulated in this chapter is for a well-run and effectively coordinated state institutions with skilled public servants who are committed to the public good and capable of delivering consistently high quality services while prioritising the nation’s developmental objectives. This vision calls for professional, disciplined, loyal, and committed public servants who possess the necessary skills and competencies to do their work. In order to achieve Vision 2030, the public sector must have a strong cadre of public sector trainers and facilitators who are themselves well capacitated to be able to empower other public servants with requisite skills, competences and attributes. The critical question is, to what extent are public service trainers/facilitators enabled to carry out this mammoth task. This year’s conference thus focuses on the endeavours that trainers make to achieve results that can make an impact on socio economic development of the country. Trainers are key in providing training that is futuristic and developing skills needed to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and help the country to counter the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

This conference will afford public sector trainers, facilitators, and researchers an opportunity to reflect critically on their roles in the context of building a capable and developmental State. Among others, the conference will deal with the policy environment, capacity development and career pathing, youth empowerment, facilitation of citizen-focused development programmes using existing models and methods, and financial and other resources needed for public sector trainers/facilitators to empower others.


  1. Theme
  2. Theme: “Enabling Vision 2030 through HRD: training and development for socio economic impact”
  3. It is on this basis that human resource development practitioners, managers, researchers and scholars are called upon to share knowledge and ideas on how relevant programmes, institutions, systems, and strategies can be developed within the public sector to develop human capability. The organising committee under the guidance of the National School of Government proposed the theme for the 20th PSTF Conference to be:


The afore-mentioned theme will be supported by the following sub-themes:

(a)    Learning and development strategies to achieve the socio-economic impact,

(b)    Using the public sector space to develop new knowledge for the knowledge economy,

(c)    Learning and development practices to navigate the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR),

(d)    Building public sector learning organisations: skills for trainers to leverage technology, and

(e)    Revitalising the role of the State to produce technical skills and specialist professionals.

The year 2019 marks the twentieth edition of a conference that the NSG and the PSTF Advisory Committee organises to ensure that HRD practitioners learn and share knowledge about their noble profession.

  1. Call for papers and case studies

The Secretariat hereby invites papers and presentations (in the form of case studies, research reports, conceptual papers, or exemplars) for the 20th PSTF Conference from HRD practitioners, managers, academics, and researchers on the following focus areas contained in the sub-themes. Abstracts for papers or presentations must be submitted in MSWord (± 500 words) on or before 1 August 2019 to the Head of the Editorial team, Prof Thean Potgieter, at thean.potgieter@thensg.gov.za. Further guidance can be obtained from the Secretariat regarding the length and format of final papers and presentations.

  1. Participants’ Profile
  2. This conference will be of immense value to:
  • ETD/HRD practitioners (trainers, organisational development specialists, skills development facilitators, training co-ordinators, and managers).
  • Members of organised labour.
  • SETA officials.
  • Academics and researchers in HRD / ETD, public sector leaders and administrators.
  • Students in the fields of HRD/ETD and Public Administration.
  1. Conference Booking
  1. An amount of R6,717.82 is payable per delegate. For quotations please send an e-mail to pstf@thensg.gov.za. For telephonic enquiries please contact Teboho Khalushi at 012 441 6729 or Martie Bergh at 012 441 6167.
  2. Conference fees must be paid on or before 31 August 2019 otherwise the booking will be regarded as cancelled.
  3. For general enquiries, please contact Dr Thami Shezi, Head of the PSTF Secretariat on 012 441 6849 or thami.shezi@thensg.gov.za
  1. Registration Process
  2. Please use the e-mail address pstf@thensg.gov.za for all registration related correspondence. The registration process is as follows:
    1. Delegates can request a quotation by sending an e-mail to the afore-mentioned address.
    2. The NSG will generate a quotation and send the booking and registration forms to you within 4 working days
    3. Delegates should complete the booking form and the registration form and submit these, together with a government purchase order via e-mail no later than 12 August 2019.
    4. An invoice will be issued to your department within 7 working days after receipt of the government purchase order.
    5. Proof of payment should be submitted via e-mail to no later than 31 August 2019
    6. The NSG will confirm your booking for the conference by 30 September 2019.
    1. Substitutions
    2. No refunds on cancellation will be made. Where a delegate is unable to attend a substitute delegate from the same department / province / organisation will be accepted. The name of the delegate to be replaced, as well as the name of the substitute delegate must be forwarded in writing to pstf@thensg.gov.za no later than 12:00 on Friday, 4 October 2019.
  • Hotel Booking


Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangement and have to make their reservations directly with the hotel.