To strengthen the recruitment process at Senior Management Service level and to ensure that senior managers are competent in their job role.

Target group

The course is applicable to public servants and citizens who wish to apply for a position in the Senior Management Service of the Public Service.

Minimum Requirements for Enrollment

The following minimum qualifications and years of experience apply:

SMS Level Minimum requirements
Years of experience
13 Undergraduate qualification at NQF Level 7 Five years’ experience at middle management level
14 Undergraduate qualification at NQF Level 7 Five years’ experience at senior management level
15 and 16 Postgraduate qualification at NQF Level 8 Eight years’ experience at senior management level

For an individual who is expected to function as a Head of Department at least three years of this experience must be with an organ of State

In addition, participants in the online course must have

• Access to an Internet enabled device
• Stable Internet connection
• Basic computer and Internet skills

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

• The population and social conditions for which SMS members are called to serve;
• Partnerships in building a just and cohesive society;
• Values and principles that underpin the development of a just and cohesive society;
• The structures and functions of government; and
• Lawful public administration and ethical African leadership.

• Apply their learning to solve a complex problem in their community, sector or industry.


This course is non-credit bearing. Once all course requirements have been met, participants will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Assessment Approach

Formative assessment

Knowledge Checks: Participants will engage with the learning content and provide information about their achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Participants have to obtain a minimum score of 75% for each knowledge check.

Reflections: Participants will be guided to question the relevance of their learning to their sector or industry and think about alternative and innovative ways of service delivery.

Summative assessment
The course includes three summative assessment tasks that evaluate the achievement of the learning objectives of the three modules. The final summative assessment task in Module 3 is integrated with the interview process of prospective members of the SMS.

How do I enroll in the online course?

  1. Pay the course fee and obtain proof of payment.
  2. Complete the registration form. Click here to download the registration form.
  3. Send an email to nyukela@thensg.gov.za and attach the following documents:


Participants can learn at a time and pace that suits them. It takes approximately 120 hours to complete the course inclusive of all assessment activities.
Cost per participant

Cost per participant is R265.00

Payment Details:

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