Theme: Strengthening Policy Implementation through People-Centred Development Evaluation

The National School of government cordially invites you to a one day workshop as follows: Venue and Dates per province

Why Development Evaluation:

Development Evaluation has the tools, experience and knowledge to contribute to the social transformation of developing communities. Development Evaluation can be effective given South Africa’s current developmental agenda, where there is a focus on results based programs implementation and no longer output.

One such methodology is Participatory Development Evaluation. Participatory Development Evaluation strengthens good governance, puts people first and provides an opportunity to find democratic solutions to developmental challenges.

The Workshop:

The National School of Government will host a one-day workshop to explore how the application of participatory development evaluation methodologies can strengthen the role that outcomes based monitoring and evaluation can play in changing the way in which governments work. People-centred development evaluation can improve implementation by ensuring that the public sector focuses on government’s priorities, eliminates bureaucratic turf warfare, promotes the public interest and empowers citizens to become the subjects rather than the objects of development.

The workshop will cover:

Good Governance, democracy and development
What is evidence?
Participatory Development Evaluation techniques
The AU’s Vision 2063 and capable developmental states


To share the tools, experience and knowledge of participatory development evaluation.
To capacitate public servants to empower communities through developmental monitoring and evaluation.
To share practical experience in using M&E tools for community based projects

Target Audience:

The workshop targets Middle and Senior Managers in the public service.

The workshop approach will be participatory and will be delivered/facilitated by the Principal of the National School of Government, Prof. Richard M Levin.
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance Contact:
Telephone: (012) 441-6891