The 18th July – Mandela Day is a day that officially upholds and recognises the late President Nelson Mandela’s commitment to human rights, Ubuntu and a response to a global call to action for people to recognise their ability and have a positive impact on others within their respective communities. Mandela Day 2018 was celebrated under the theme “Be The Legacy: Celebrating the birth of a world icon and a life of service”.

The National School of Government (NSG) in partnership with the Tshwane Leadership Foundation (TLF) identified the Inkululeko Community and Day Care Centre in Salvokop as the befitting organisation to support during this year. The partnership with the TLF will run over a period of three years (2018 – 2019) in order to create sustainable, visible impact towards the foundation and the recipients of its services.

Among the programmes that the Inkululeko Community and Day Care Centre provides, the Centre provides a low-cost day care facility for pre-school going children. The need for the Centre was identified by Pastor Joel Mayephu back in 1998, who narrated how the Centre was established. Due to the high levels of unemployment in the area, a significant number of mothers would leave their shacks for the city at around 3 AM to sell fat cakes, leaving their small children unattended. This posed a danger to the young ones as they were prone to burning themselves, being kidnapped or even raped, said Pastor Mayephu.

In 2017, the NSG visited Akanani, a social programme also under the TLF. Akanani offers holistic support to vulnerable men and boys who are homeless in the city of Tshwane. The programme provides access to long-term solutions through skills development, job preparation, food-parcel and toiletries support, gaining access to social housing and receiving psycho-social support.

This year, the NSG employees participated in Mandela Day through donating blankets, food parcels, clothes, shoes, toys, painting equipment and volunteerism. The day was filled with excitement as the children were treated to party packs, face painting and entertainment. Within the Salvokop community, the Centre identified three household that are in dire need of assistance, consequently, blankets, clothes and food parcels were donated specifically to them.

The NSG staff members who volunteered also had an opportunity to showcase their painting skills by refurbishing the Centre’s Jungle Gym and fence.The Communications Team would like to thank each and every individual who supported Mandela Day 2018 and want to emphasise that the impact made by the NSG would have not been possible without your contribution.