The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency together with the National School of Government (NSG), recently signed a Mou Understanding with the objective to advance the Socio-economic Development of the Continent and its Regional Integration Agenda outlined in Agenda 2063. The co-operation will contribute to the economic development and social progress of African countries and regional integration of the continent, which will be guided by the core principles and values of the African Union. The focus of the partnership is on infrastructure financing gaps in the continent, specifically within the public service.

Additionally the MoU also focuses on expanding its areas of co-operation to include the African Union (AU), especially related to capacity strengthening of civil servants in African Union member states. Furthermore, the unique aspect of the MoU between the NEPAD Agency and the NSG is the identification of flagship projects which will showcase the joint efforts and commitment put into implementing the agreement.

“The programme that will be developed from the agreement will capacitate public servants and civilians in the continent with requisite skills to develop, implement and manage, infrastructure and research projects at community level”, said Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, the Chief Executive Officer of NEPAD Agency. The key areas of the co-operation are to:

  • Collaborate and have a co-operation within the Open Government Partnership Africa Chapter
  • Conduct Research for up-to-date information and knowledge on national, sub-regional and continental institutional public service training and management capacity to support government in decision making
  • Participate in the mobilization of resources for development projects and programme in member states on the African Union, and
  • Promote learning and knowledge exchange across countries and regions on open government reforms for national development.


In closing, Principal Levin thanked the NEPAD Agency for the partnership and made mention that “this will greatly contribute to the Thought Leadership series run by the NSG, and will thus assist the training interventions for the African Management Development Institute Network (AMDIN) member countries.