At the beginning of the 2018/19 financial year, I was honored to be one of the recommended interns to participate in this exciting life changing journey.  This I saw as an opportunity to put the puzzle together as to what we were told the working world would be like as compared to experiencing life in the workplace. Being placed at the office of the Deputy Minister as an intern has empowered me mentally and I have grown from who and how I was when I first joined the programme.

The office is a conducive infinite place for growth as there are different dynamics and challenges to face daily. This Office of the Deputy Minister allows me to apply my theoretical knowledge learnt in university. I enjoy the fact that one gets to meet a lot of influential people, and that has personally taught me to be professional at all times. The culture in the office is one that is very cohesive as there is team work and amazing leadership.  In addition to that, I have learnt how to relate to different kinds of personalities and characters, making it to manage negativity from people.

My basic day to day roles are to ensure all administrative aspects of the office are taken care of.  This includes tasks such as ensuring that stationery is available at all times, ensuring that all procurement processes are done, assist with petty cash requests, make booking arrangements, prepare logistics for DM’s meetings and capture minutes for some of internal staff meetings. The exposure also taught me that one needs to be passionate,

committed and patient to perform the duties of an administrator. Having to work as an administrator is great but some days very long and quiet which were the hardest but having a team of friendly and kind employees behind me makes the day feel a little less long. I learned all of my skills to an exceptional and professional level, the ability to perfect our attention to detail as employees, as all work is produced based on adhering to policy procedures and legislation. I learned to be a good team player as my job entails a lot of team work. I would forever be grateful for the life changing opportunity that the National School of Government has offered.