The Minister for Public Service and Administration, Ms Ayanda Dlodlo recently launched the Public Service Graduate Recruitment Scheme at the University of Johannesburg, Kingsway Campus. The scheme – which is aimed at curbing the high numbers of graduate unemployment in South Africa – was approved by Cabinet in December 2017, and will offer new graduates work opportunities and training in government departments. “This initiative came to fruition in response to the recommendation of the National Development Plan (NDP) that in order to achieve a professional public service, the state needs to be a career of choice, by attracting the best graduates and youth with potential to its employment service,” the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) said in a statement.

In her address, Minister Dlodlo indicated that active citizenry and social activism is necessary for democracy and development to flourish. The state cannot merely act on behalf of the people – it has to act with the people, working together with other institutions to provide opportunities for the advancement of all communities.She further emphasised that education, training and skills development are critical as it affords the opportunity for society to learn and progress. There is no doubt that education and skills development are key to driving socio-economic growth so that we can achieve the goal of substantially reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment.

In her sentiments, Minister Dlodlo also highlighted the role of the National School of Governemnt (NSG) in recognising the importance of unlocking youth economic potential, through unlocking funding opportunities, unlocking partnership opportunities and unlocking economic opportunities. In this regard, Minister Dlodlo was pleased to announce a thought leadership seminar on entrepreneurial development, engaging with the relevant experts and institutions.

Supporting Minister Dlodlo was the Principal, Prof. Levin together with Dr Sipho Manana and Mr Ephraim Mmekoa from the Training Management and Delivery Branch. Mr Mmekoa presented the statistics of public servants trained by the NSG as well as the role of Breaking Barriers to Entry into the Public Service (BB2E) orientation programme on unemployed youth graduates and public service interns seeking employment opportunities in the public service.

Minister Dlodlo assured graduates that information to access these opportunities will be made available through various platforms including the media, local information and service centres and departments in both national and provincial level across the length and breadth of the country. Graduates were encouraged to approach departments of their choice to enquire about available opportunities in terms of this Graduate Schemes.