The induction directive require the NSG to deliver a compulsory induction programme for Heads of Departments (HODs) at salary 15 and 16, in the National and Provincial spheres. The purpose of the EIP is to induct newly appointed HODs to better serve the citizens of South Africa through exemplary leadership and perform in a way that contributes to real value creation within their Departments and across government.

About the EIP Programme

The EIP is a response to the “Directive on  Compulsory Capacity Development Mandatory Training Days and Minimum Entry Requirements for Senior Management Service (SMS)”, approved by Cabinet on 22 October 2014 and signed into effect by Minister of Public Service and Administration on the 25th November 2014.

The goal of the programme is not only to familiarize participants with their specific work environment but also to inspire participants to build a public service which responds effectively and collectively to their task. It is about building a capable and committed public service cadre with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to do the job effectively.

The EIP is not a once off event. It is spread over a period of time to allow time for preparation, reflection and review, and self-correction where necessary. The main contact session, a “Lock-down Seminar”, will be preceded by various assignments, and followed up with post Seminar assignments as well as related learning development opportunities.

The accompanying Post Learning Support Programme is aimed at your continued development through a mentoring programme, a separate caching programme,Thought Leadership platforms extend  and  challenge your  thinking  and  International  study opportunities. This should assist you to grow further into a visionary national leader. The Lockdown Seminar is a key part of the programme, and at this intensive, immersion type learning session, we will begin a process of continuous learning and development, based on personal development, and supported by a strong network of colleagues who will walk with you on this journey.

Target Group

The programme is designed for newly appointed Heads of Department at levels 15 and 16(DDG and DG levels), at national and provincial spheres. Consideration could also be given to those Heads of Department appointed in the past three years. Heads of state owned entities and Chapter 9 institutions could also be included. Despite the inclusion of DDGs in the programme, the EIP focuses on the functions of the HOD, a role DDGs will inevitably assume as they act for and support the HOD in his or her role.

Learning Outcomes

The outcomes of the EIP 15 – 16 programme are therefore as follows:

  • The alignment of personal values and attributes to the Constitutional
  • The adoption of an ethos of servant leadership in relation to the citizens of South
  • An improved ability to make effective, ethical and accountable decisions to address complex
  • An improved ability to work together effectively in undertaking tasks; and
  • Improved knowledge  and  skills  for  managing  the  political/  administrative


Structure of the programme

PART 1: Core Programme – compulsory

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Pre On-line Contact Assignment

( 2 weeks prior)

Face-to-face case studies Networking sessions

Discussions Simulations (3 day lock-down)

On-line and individual Post Seminar Assignment

Department Change Plan ( 2 weeks Post)

PART 2: Post Learning Development and Support Programme – by invitation Unit 4

Coaching Programme – 6 x 1 hour sessions with a registered coach.

Unit 5

Mentoring Programme (as needed and self-managed)

Unit 6

Thought Leadership Platforms and International Study Programmes

Furthermore the EIP will provide participants with access to further learning and development opportunities as arranged by the NSG through:

  • Mentorship by experienced former executives
  • Thought leadership series addressing topics of interest to you, and
  • International study programme opportunities and these will be by invitation and the cost will borne by the participants departments should external sponsorship not be

Please note that EIP training is only delivered by the NSG.