Organisational Design

  • Build capacity of OD practitioners and managers to design, implement and maintain organisational structures in public sector.
  • Common OD framework and a tool to OD & HR practitioners.
  • Guide decision makers with OD principles that empower them on structuring processes and decision making guidelines
  • Tool for continuous improvement
  • Guide learners on the use of the DPSA OD Guide

Target Group

Public Officials who are responsible for Organisational Design functions in their respective departments.

Course Outcomes

  • Locate the need for organisational review and the re-design processes as part of the broader
    national and legislative context.
  • Understand the critical processes of business process quality management and change
    management as integral to the success of any organisational design project.
  • Outline the key organisational design principles and processes in the
    Public service context.
  • Collect and analyse information about the problem/opportunity, including the current organisational structure, roles, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), processes, technology and staff location; and, Identify the root causes(s) of the problem, potential solutions, issues and strengths to address the future OD process.
  • Identify all the internal and external requirements for the organisation to perform effectively.
  • Design the most appropriate service delivery model, for the organisation, given the capability requirements and constraints.
  • Develop an organisational architecture that will enable the organisation to be successful and that will be aligned with the success indicators, design principles, capability requirements and service delivery model.
  • Develop a sound business case for the OD intervention to guide the implementation plan.
  • Describe the implementation of the new/revised structure to promote effective implementation and limit shortcomings on the current organisational structure
  • Plan the M&E of the implementation of the new/revised structure, aimed at determining whether it is working as planned, and what should be done to improve the structure


Learners will be assessed formatively (individual and group activities), as well as summatively (Portfolio of Evidence)

Accreditation Status

The course is accredited at NQF Level 6, with 23 credits


This is a seven day course, taking place in two blocks. Block one (4 days), and Block two (3 days)

Brochure Link

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Mr Phillemon Makgopela – 012 441 6075,,

Mr Chris Matsei – 012 441 6323,