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About eLearning
How do we define eLearning?
eLearning refers to training and development interventions that optimally utilize information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support and enhance learning.
What are the benefits of eLearning?
Utilizing eLearning can yield certain advantages and opportunities, for example:

  • Participate in capacity building interventions at lower costs;
  • Have access to learning opportunities irrespective of time and place;
  • Enroll when you are ready to learn; don’t wait for a group to fill up;
  • Skill-up without having to leave home or the work-place for extended periods of time;
  • Be an active participant and receive personalized support throughout the learning process;
  • Receive reminders of due dates as well as regular progress updates; and
  • Build literacies and competencies required to perform effectively in an information society.
What can you expect when you enroll in an eLearning course or programme?
Our eLearning courses and programmes aim to engage you with course materials and enable you to apply knew knowledge, skills and values in the work place. Course materials are presented in manageable chunks of work.
How do I enroll for an eLearning course or programme?

The NSG Contact Centre issues a quotation for the eLearning course you are interested in attending facilitate payment. We will then contact you with your login details to access the course materials and activities on our eLearning platform. What is the duration of an eLearning course? Courses typically run for six to eight weeks. During this time you can expect to spend approximately one hour per work day on course related activities.

What is an online learning community?

Online learning communities enable access to information and learning resources when and where it is needed. Networked learning offers quick and cost-effective ways of interacting with experts and peers irrespective of time and place. Participation is tracked and a permanent record of communication, as well as information and resources shared, remains available in the community to support information management.

How do I become part of an online learning community?

Contact us on if you are interested in starting an online learning community.

What do you need to participate in eLearning interventions?

Our eLearning platform is user-friendly. You need basic ICT literacy, willingness to participate in eLearning and an enabling work environment, which includes access to a computer and the Internet.
The following are examples of activities that you can expect:

Knowledge checks

A knowledge check is typically presented at the end of a unit of work. These checks are presented in the form of a quiz. The quiz is completed online and you receive your results when you submit your answers. The main purpose of the knowledge checks is to encourage you to read. Your quiz results provide an indication of your knowledge and understanding of the materials you engage with.

Application activities

Application activities are typically presented at regular intervals during a course. These activities assess your ability to apply knowledge, skills and values in the work place in a variety of ways. Application activities are submitted online to a facilitator, who provides you with personalized feedback on your work. Other activities, which you may encounter to help you work with course content, include reflection and scheduled online discussions. Over and above academic support, which you receive from you online facilitator, we have a dedicated help-desk to provide technical and administrative support.

Batho Pele hotline: 0860 428 392
Anti-Corruption hotline: 0800 023 456