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About Compulsory Induction Programme
On the 31st of July 2012, the Agreement on Salary Adjustment and Improvements on Conditions of Service in the Public Service was signed between the Minster for the Public Service and Administration and organised Labour.
Our Mandate
The agreement stipulates amongst others, that pay progression of new entrants to the public service appointed after 1st July 2012 will be linked to successful completion of a Compulsory Induction Programme. The new official will be eligible for confirmation of probation once Module One of the CIP is successfully completed.
The programme aims to challenge you as a public servant to live the Batho Pele principles and to instil knowledge and understanding of the intrinsic values and building blocks of our democratic state. These values and building blocks of our democracy represent the:

  • Cornerstone of our Constitution;
  • Bill of Rights and related legislation; and
  • Legislative frameworks, such as the Public Service Act, Public Financial Management Act and Human Rights Act.
The directive on the implementation of the compulsory induction programme in the Public Service is issued by the Minister for Public Service and Administration in terms of Chapter 1, Part IX (C1) of the Public Service Regulations, 2001. The curriculum is offered as blended learning – using e-learning, face-to-face contact as well as self-study and peer learning.
Training for the CIP will be arranged by the NSG, in cooperation with the client department. To activate the training request clients should complete the prompts below and the Induction Manager which is responsible for your department will contact you.
Batho Pele hotline: 0860 428 392
Anti-Corruption hotline: 0800 023 456