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Africa affairs


  1. Coordinates and leads the NSG’s contribution to promoting the African agenda through strengthening partnerships within the continent and also in managing and deepening relations with the global North and South, within the ambit of the country’s foreign policy.


  1. Support the MPSA and Principal on continental obligations pertaining capacity development to Advance the African Agenda through bilateral and multilateral programmes.
  2. Facilitate and support NSG peer learning exchanges within the SADC region to strengthen public service capacity building through exploring of strategic cooperation in joint programmes such as research and innovation, knowledge exchange and sharing of lessons learned.
  3. Manage and administer the African Management Development Institutes Network (AMDIN) annual plan and programmes and provide support to the Principal as Secretary General of AMDIN.
  4. Facilitate and manage the NSG strengthening, supporting and championing of active participation by all African countries in the activities and programmes of AMDIN to achieve the objectives of an Africa with a fully responsive and functional public service.
  5. Facilitate and manage the NSG’s support of governance initiatives in Africa through value add programmes such as Khaedu Africa, Africa Governance and any other empowerment programme.

AMDIN website link:

Batho Pele hotline: 0860 428 392
Anti-Corruption hotline: 0800 023 456