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Wamkelikile Induction new SMS

3 August 2016

This course is presented over two (2) working days.

Booking Closure Date: 2016-07-19

Welcome new senior managers into the public service.
Enable senior managers to understand their personal values in relation to those set out in the Constitution.
Provide an overview of how Government works, inter-governmental relations and social partnerships.
Ensure that senior managers understand the challenges Government faces, its vision for development and its key programmes.
Allow senior managers to get to know their department, its structures and services.
Introduce senior managers to senior management work procedures, performance management, planning systems, financial management, and communication and reporting.
Empower senior managers to understand their rights and obligations as employees.
Target Group
Senior managers, salary levels 13 to 16.

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment
Must be a senior manager in the public service.

Learning Outcomes
Unit 1: Public Service Values

1.1 An introduction regarding the values of public service

1.2 How do the values of the public service impact your mandate?

1.3 Values entrenched by legislative framework

1.4 Batho Pele

1.5 The impact of values and beliefs

1.6 Ethics

Unit 2: Developmental Government


2.1 The legacy of apartheid

2.2 Developmental state

2.3 Overcoming the legacy of apartheid

2.4 Government programme and planning in Government

2.5 The Constitution

2.6 The Government

2.7 The roles and spheres of Government

2.8 Different kinds of municipalities

2.9 Functions of municipalities

2.10 Inter-governmental relations and co-operative governance

2.11 Policy and law-making

2.12 Social partners

2.13 National budget

2.14 Government programme of action

Unit 3: The Public Service


3.1 The public service

3.2 The public service and the history of South Africa

3.3 The role of the public service

3.4 A new approach to public service management

3.5 Creating an empowered work environment in the public service

3.6 Relationship between public service management and the executive

3.7 The role of managers

Unit 4: My Department


4.1 Overview of the structure of Government departments

4.2 Important departments and institutions

4.3 The Public Service Code of Conduct

4.4 Other key policies

4.5 Laws that affect public servants

Unit 5: My Development in the Public Service

5.1 Conditions of employment

5.2 Performance management
This is a non-accredited course.

Unit Standard ID Title NQF Level Credits
None. PD324 0 0

Assessment Approach
The programme structure is designed as follows:

The programme includes a dynamic two-day contact session.
The programme will be presented at a venue which is conveniently located to suit senior managers’ schedules.
The programme offers an executive facilitator who will meticulously shape and affirm senior managers’ understanding of the machinery of Government to enable them to become a champion for effective service delivery.

This course is presented over two (2) working days.


3 August 2016


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