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Public Sector Trainers’ Forum (PSTF)

Background to the PSTF
The Public Sector Trainers’ Forum (PSTF) was established in 1997 as a non-statutory body, to advocate Human Resource Development (HRD) within the Public Service. The PSTF has positioned itself as the main networking platform utilised by more than 1000 training practitioners across all spheres of government. It is a practitioner forum that is being viewed by the Management Development Institutes (MDIs) on the continent as a best practice. The strategic goal of the PSTF is to create and maintain strategic and collaborative platforms that promote the achievement of the Public Sector Human Resource Development (HRD) mandates and then locate HRD as strategic partner and enabler to the core development agenda of Government.
The work of the PSTF is overseen by National School of Government (NSG) and the Advisory Committee which comprises of representatives from each province (mainly from Offices of the Premiers), the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), representatives from each of the five SETAS which work closely with the Public Service, the Public Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA), Education Training and Development Practices Sector- Education and Training Authority (EDTPSETA), Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA), the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA), the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA), representatives from the Department of Cooperative Governance (DCOG), the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC-SA) and two optional co-opted members in accordance with the objectives of the Forum.
Objectives of the PSTF
The PSTF has the following objectives:

  1. To advance the development and growth of HRD practitioners
  2. To contribute to the awareness and adoption of quality standards
  3. To create a platform for discussion, implementation and possible reviews of policy frameworks
  4. To foster partnerships with stakeholders to improve HRD practices.
Focus Areas of the PSTF for the period 2016-2019
The focus areas of the PSTF in the next three years have been informed by (i) a consideration that the forum needs to be refocused, and (ii) from the address delivered by the NSG Principal upon the inauguration of the new members as the sponsor of the PSTF. The following areas of focus have been proposed:
Organise learning and development interventions for trainers and HRD practitioners in the public sector. Activities include, among others, to form study groups for curriculum development, research, writing and teaching of case studies, and training methodology, e-learning, issues to improve the quality of training in the public sector. Work out an improved format of the conference, and organise the annual PSTF conference.

  1. Strengthen value-adding partnerships with other forums and councils, professional bodies and associations to advance HRD practice in the public sector. Other bodies include e.g. the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), the Institute of People Management (IPM), other national and international bodies, such as, the American Society for Training and Development.
  2. Promote the coordination and implementation of policy within HRD. Activities can include: focusing on the calls of the National Development Plan (NDP), Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF), the Government Programme of Action (POA) and Outcomes 5 and 12. These would include the issues of Youth and the Jobs, work integrated learning (WIL), as well as articulation and progression matters.
  3. Strengthening the governance of the PSTF. Activities to include advancing the recognition and the status and role of the PSTF in the public sector, source funding for the forum activities and annual conference.


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18th PSTF 2015

Ms Collette Clark – Evolution Of Productivity Performance Management Nexus For The South African Public Service – (642 KB)
Prof Richard M Levin – Contribution Of The PSTF To HRD – (107 KB)
Ms Moira MM – Building Public Service Excellence Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle – (1.1 MB)
White Paper For The Post School Education And Training (WP-PSET) And Progress Made To Achieve The National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS LIII) Goals – (490 KB)
Inauguration Of Members Of The PSTF Advisory Committee 2015-2018 – (243 KB)
Mr Anele Gxoyiya – The Continued Plight Of Workers In The Skills Development (Transformation) Dispensation – (499 KB)
Mr Maliviwe Lumka – National Skills Development Strategy And Sector Education And Training Authorities Beyond 2016 Within The Context Of An Integrated Differentiated Post School Education And Training System – (840 KB)
Mr W Grainger & Ms P Maharaj – Good Corporate Citizenship And Skills Development In South Africa – (650 KB)
Prof Patrick Fitzpatrick – Revitalized Reinvented & Better Co-Ordinated Role For Higher Education In Public Sector Capacity Building – (45 KB)
Prof Yunis Ballim – The Place Of A Sol Plaatje University In Development Of Human Capability For The Public Sector – (831 KB)
D Mosalo and L Neethling – Professionalisation Of HRD Practitioners In The Public Service – (864 KB)
Dr Lebs Mphahlele – Paper on CIP 13-14 Pilot for PSTF Conference NP – (60 KB)
Dr T Shezi – Conference Recommendations And Resolutions Focus On Breakaway Sessions – (245 KB)
Dr M Dhamotharan – Leadership For Improved Productivity Mohan – (767 KB)
Mr T Shenxane – Self Leadership Self Awareness and Improved Productivity – (933 KB)
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