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This course  is aligned to the developmental  goals of the South African Government, particularly   as articulated  in the Medium Term Strategic Framework  (MTSF) (2014-2019) where a commitment  is made to continue with the pursuit of a transformed Public Sector that is representative, accountable, transparent, efficient, and responsive to the needs of all.The programme also supports government’s efforts at combating fraud and corruption when dealing with public resources.

Target Group

The target group is public sector practitioners and managers (junior, middle and senior) in Supply Chain Management in various government departments and for Public entities operating under the PFMA Act.

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment

It is assumed that entrants to this course possess the following skills:

  • Communication at NQF Level 4 and
  • Mathematical literacy on NQF Level 4.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Understand Acquisition  Management in the public sector.
  • Understand  general aspects applicable to Acquisition Management.
  • Implement Acquisition  Management processes for bids/quotations.
  • Evaluate and adjudicate bids or quotations.


This is an accredited course linked to the Unit standard 377898, “Perform acquisition management activity for public sector Supplied Chain Management” pitched at NQF Level 5 with 11 credits.

Assessment Approach

Learners  will be assessed against the  specific outcomes  and assessment  criteria  of the Unit Standard  aligned  to this programme. Integrated  summative and formative assessment methods  and tools will allow the learner to demonstrate that he/she has acquired appropriate knowledge and skills pertaining to the subject matter.
Formative assessment:

  • Learners must be assessed as  a  group in group activities during the classroom presentations.
  • Learners will be assessed on individual practical exercises.
  • As facilitator, you are required to monitor and record the successful completion of the formative assessment activities for each learner.

Summative assessment:
In order to assess the learner’s competency in the subject matter, the submission of a “portfolio of evidence” within a mutually agreed period after completion  of the course.


This course is presented over five (5) working days.