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Accelerated Development Programme is intended to enhance the transformation of public service by preparing women and people with disabilities for senior management roles in the public service.

Target Group

This programme is intended for middle managers in the public service and people with disabilities.

Minimum Requirements for Enrollment

Be in a possession of, at least, a Senior Certificate( Grade 12); and recommended by Supervisor.

Learning Outcomes

The ADP focuses on competencies for generic management and government related functions. The programme comprises formal training and development interventions, action learning and integrated assessments. It is organized into three components (EDP core modules; Project Khaedu; and Mentoring for Public Service Managers).



  • Orientation 3 days
  • EDP module – Strategic Planning and Management 3 days
  • EDP module – Financial Management and Budgeting  3 days
  • EDP module – Project and Programme Management  3 days
  • EDP module – Strategic Planning and Management 3 days
  • EDP module – Policy Formulation and Implementation  3 days
  • EDP module – Leadership for Good Governance 3 days Project Khaedu – Methods and Perspectives, and Field Assignment 10 days Mentoring for Public Service Managers 3 days



After  the  successful  completion  of  the  programme  and  portfolios  of  evidence, participants will be awarded a:

  • Certificate in Executive Leadership (Short Learning Programme) jointly issued by the NSG and the relevant University upon completion of the six modules of the EDP;
  • Certificate of competence in ‘Mentoring for Public Service Managers’;
  • Certificate of competence in ‘Project Khaedu’.
Unit Standard ID  
1174215 Mentor a colleague to enhance the individual’s knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in a selected career path 4 3
15214 Recognise areas in need of change, make recommendations and implement change in the team, department or division 5 3
252026 Apply a systems approach to decision making 5 6

Assessment Approach

  • Throughout the programme participants will be expected to complete formative assignments – including pre-course assignments and group assignments completed during the contact sessions. Each module has a summative assessment, or portfolio of Evidence, which will be submitted after attendance of the contact session. Both formative and summative assessment components determine final judgment of competence per module.


  • This programme may be completed over a period of one year.