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To equip participants with the skills to strategically manage diversity within the workplace.

Target Group

The course is aimed at junior, middle and project managers across all spheres of government.

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: Understanding Diversity
The module enables participants to:

  • Identify all the aspects in which people differ;
  • Identify key diversity concepts;
  • Identify perceptions, stereotypes and discrimination tendencies;
  • Deal with diversity barriers.

Module 2:  Diversity on organisational level
The module enables participants to:

  • Value and manage diversity;
  • Interpret the Batho Pele principles as they apply in their own department;
  • Understand the Diversity Management Model;
  • Identify the barriers preventing the implementation of diversity management principles;
  • Know and understand the ten tips on how to manage diversity effectively;
  • Understand the organisational culture and diversity.

Module 3:  The Change Management Context
The module enables participants to:

  • Know and understand why change might be required and what has to be changed;
  • Know and understand the phases of change and how such a process can be managed.

Module 4: Diversity Skills
The module enables participants to:

  • Explain the diversity consciousness;
  • Know how to communicate in a diverse world;
  • Identify factors that impact on communication across diverse people;
  • Use problem solving and decision making techniques;
  • Identify effective conflict handling processes.

Module 5: Interaction
The module enables participants to:

  • Identify consequences of ineffective diversity and conflict management;
  • Know and understand how different people of different gender and race react to interactions;
  • Identify symptoms of diversity related issues;
  • Identify their status as a diversity change agent.



The course is non-credit bearing. After successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Assessment Approach

Formative assessment will be done through various class activities in which participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their previous and newly acquired knowledge and skills. Participants will not be expected to write any tests.


This course is presented over three (3) working days.