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This course  aims to  equip non-financial government practitioners  with the requisite knowledge and skills to understand how government finances work and to enable them to take care of this important resource.

Target Group

The course is aimed at practitioners in the national and provincial government. The typical target  audience is non-financial officials and other  financial management staff typically in the  CFO’s office (Payment, receipt, banking, taxation, debt  and suspense accounts etc.); SCM officials (Demand, acquisition, logistics, disposal);Asset management officials; System controllers; Budget officials (preparation of departmental budgets) who may require a refresher course in Financial Management.

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment

Learners should ideally have at least a Grade 12 qualification, and be working in a public sector non-financial or financial management environment.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the background to Financial Management, regulatory frameworks and relations between legislation, plans and budget.
  • Describe strategic planning regulatory frameworks and apply them in their own area of responsibility.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the concept of budgeting, role players in budget formulation, budget preparation, execution, cash management and reporting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding  of expenditure management   i.e. expenditure process, relationship between expenditure and budget and strategic objectives.


The course is non-credit bearing. However, after successful completion of the summative assessment (test) learner will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Assessment Approach

There is no official pre-course assignment, but learners complete formative assessment activities during the contact  session, as well as a summative  assessment in the form of a test on the last day of the contact session.


This is a workshop and presented over five (5) working days depending upon the client’s needs.