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The Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) is a component of the Integrated Management Development Programme (IMDP), which provides a comprehensive and coherent career development framework for all public sector managers and leaders. The FMDP is the first building block in a manager’s career path
and lays a solid foundation for further development.

Target Group

Administrators and first line supervisors.

Minimum Requirements for Enrollment

Participants should:

  • Be in possession of a Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent;
  • Recommended by immediate supervisor; and
  • Have acquired at least a satisfactory performance assessment over a period of twelve

Block 1: Understand Yourself and Your Team
Block 2:Towards Good Supervision


The FMDP is a credit-bearing course aligned to two unit standards with a total of 15 credits:

Unit Standard ID  
Unit Standard Title
NQF Level
13912 Apply knowledge of self and team in order to develop a plan to enhance team performance Level 3 5 credits
14667 Describe and apply the management functions of a department Level 4 10 credits


Assessment Approach

The FMDP follows an integrated assessment approach and focuses on the application of competence. Formative assessment will be done through various class activities in which participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their previous and newly acquired understanding and competence. Such formative activities are a necessary part of the learning process, although participants are not formally assessed in these activities. A portfolio of evidence constitutes the summative assessment which is competed at the end of the programme.
After the successful completion of the programme and portfolio of evidence, participants will receive a certificate of competence.


The FMDP is organised into 2 Blocks of five (5) days.