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To equip the learner with the requisite knowledge, skills and values required by public service cadres that are expected to resolve employee grievances; monitor and adjust the application of the grievance procedure; evaluate, analyse and address grievance patterns. The course pays special attention to enabling participants to identify and categorise transgressions, implement appropriate procedures and represent an employee at a disciplinary hearing.

Target Group

This course is aimed at Junior, Middle and Senior Managers that deal with grievances and disciplinary procedures across all spheres of government.

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment

This course is written with the assumption that learners enrolling for this course are in possession of a post-matric Certificate and/or relevant work experience in Human Resources.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Develop structures and procedures to resolve employee grievances;
  • Implement structures and procedures to resolve employee grievances;
  • Monitor the application of the grievance procedures and adjust when required;
  • Evaluate, analyse and address grievance patterns;
  • Identify and classify transgression;
  • Implement procedure to handle non-dismissible offences;
  • Implement procedure to handle dismissible offences;
  • Represent employee at disciplinary hearing; and
  • Monitor the application of the grievance procedures and adjust when


This is a credit-bearing course aligned to the SAQA Unit Standards indicated in the table below. After successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Competence.

Unit Standard ID Title NQF Level Credits
12139 Facilitate the resolution of employee grievances 6 5
11286 Institute disciplinary action 5 8

Assessment Approach

The course follows an integrated assessment approach comprising:

  • Pre-course reading and activities;
  • Formative assessment activities during the contact session; and
  • Summative, post-course assessment in the form of a Portfolio of Evidence.


This course is presented over five (5) working days.