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Leadership Seminars and Workshops

The leadership capacity development of public servants is premised on the understanding that leadership is distributed across all levels of performance. Given the complexity of the leadership role, it is necessary to keep public sector officials engaged and supported through shorter and just-in-time interventions. Leadership seminars and workshops will highlight issues with implications for leadership development and practice at all levels of leadership and management


The National  School of Government  offers an array of  leadership seminars and workshops that are intended to be open and insightful events.They are envisioned to be opportunities for participants to:

  • Bring to the fore the knowledge and wisdom you already possess;
  • Gain new perspectives and theoretical considerations;
  • Stimulate ideas for practical application through critical analysis and debate;
  • Connect everyday activities with the bigger goals and context for which we are in service; and
  • Engage with others and learn from

Target Group

These interventions are designed by theme and by target group profile, such as executives, senior managers, middle managers or mixed groups at national, provincial and local government.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of the different workshops collectively contribute to the development of a professional and capable corps of public servants who share common

service values.



Leadership seminars and workshops are flexibly structured as short interventions, usually 1 day, depending on their specific purpose. They are highly interactive in nature and enable participants to take learning points for immediate application. One (1) to three (3) day workshop options are available on a variety of pertinent issues and their implications for leadership. Facilitators of seminars and workshops are seasoned individuals with solid understanding of the public sector.

Example of themes of workshops and roundtable dialogues include the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Youth in leadership
  • Conversations with women in leadership
  • Combatting corruption through ethical leadership
  • Traditional leadership and social change
  • Industrialisation and economic development