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The purpose of this course is to enable senior managers in the public service to analyse their work environments and approach challenges in new and creative ways, embed innovation as a practice, and lead a team through a process of creative thinking and problem solving.

Target Group

The main target audience for this course is senior managers in the public service. However, the course is also be offered to junior and middle managers in the public
service and public sector institutions.

Minimum Requirements for Enrollment

It is assumed that learners enrolling for this course are competent in Communication as well as Mathematical and Computer Literacy at NQF level 4, which is equivalent to the
Senior Certificate (Grade 12).

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Analyse their own unit in terms of opportunities for innovation;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the techniques that promote creativity;
  • Develop a plan for creating an environment conducive to innovation; and
  • Lead a team through a creative thinking


Leading for Innovation in the Public Service is a credit-bearing course aligned to the following Unit Standard:

Unit Standard ID Title
NQF Level Credits
252020 Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation, Level 5 6 credits

Assessment Approach

The course follows an integrated assessment approach and focuses on the application of competence. Formative assessment will be done through various class activities in which participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their previous and newly acquired understanding and competence. A portfolio of evidence constitutes the
summative assessment which is competed at the end of the course.
A Certificate of Competence is issued upon successful completion of the course including the summative assessment.


The Leading Innovation in the Public Service course is delivered in two (2) days.