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To enable learners to improve the management of Human Resource through the effective and efficient use of HR Management Information Systems. On successful completion of the course learners will be able to meaningfully interpret, analyse and use Human Resource Management Information when generating strategic reports on Human Resource issues or when taking management decisions.

Target Group

HRM Practitioners in the public sector.

Minimum Requirements for Enrolment

Learners enrolling for this course are in possession of a post-matric certificate and/or relevant work experience in Human Resources.
Pre-course work
In preparation for the course learners are required to complete the following actions, prior to attendance of the course.
Action 1: Pre-attendance Activity: Learners are required to complete the Pre-attendance
Activity as part of their preparation for the course. The Pre-attendance Activity will be sent (e-mailed) to accepted learners two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the course. The completed activity should be brought to the contact session.
Action 2: Should there be any questions and challenges around the Use of Human Resource Management Information, collect and bring them to the contact session as this will assist you in relating new knowledge and skills to the workplace.
NOTE: Learners must notify their supervisor/manager in order for him/her to support you on this journey. In so doing they will be able to successfully complete this course and take the learning back to their workplace. To this end the availability of time, resources and an enabling environment will benefit both learners and their department.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the use of information and ensure information accuracy, integrity and security;
  • Discuss the context of Human Resource Management Information Systems in the Public Service;
  • Interpret and apply human resource management information as part of decision making processes.


This course is non-credit bearing. A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to learners for full participation in the course.

Unit Standard ID Code NQF Level Credits
 None  HR 324  0  0

Assessment Approach

The course follows integrated assessments approach, comprising:

  • Pre-course Assignment;
  • Formative Assessment Activities which includes workplace based activities to apply knowledge and skills gained during the course.


This course is presented over two (2) working days.