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SCOA And ERF For Budget Practitioners

15 August 2016

This course is presented over three (3) working days.

Booking Closure Date: 2016-07-29

This course aims to equip government practitioners with the requisite knowledge and skills to understand and work within the SCOA and ERF structure of government to enable them to allocate financial transactions in the financial system.

Target Group
This target group consists of:

Financial management staff typically in the CFO’s office (Payment, receipt, banking, taxation, debt and suspense accounts etc.);
SCM officials (Demand, acquisition, logistics, disposal);
Asset management officials;
System controllers;
Budget officials (preparation of departmental budgets).
The practitioner’s group programme is split into 2 courses:

One for all practitioners that deal with transactions at a basic level;
One for practitioners dealing with complex financial transactions (advanced).
Minimum Requirements for Enrolment
Learners should ideally have at least a Grade 12 qualification, and be working in a public sector financial management environment.

Learning Outcomes
A learner credited with this unit standard should be able to:

Explain the background and components of ERF;
Categorise receipts in accordance with the ERF;
Categorise payments in accordance with the ERF;
Identify the segments of SCOA to reflect the purpose of each segment;
Allocate a transaction using all segments of SCOA;
Use inter-relationships amongst all the segments of SCOA for allocation of transactions.
This course is credit bearing and is aligned to the following unit standard:
Classify receipts and payments in accordance with the Economic Reporting Format (ERF) 3
Allocate transactions using all segments of the Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA) 5
Total credits 8
Total notional hours 80
Unit Standard ID Title NQF Level Credits
ERF: 377934 SCOA: 377993 FI321 0 8

Assessment Approach
There is no official pre-course assignment, but learners will complete formative and summative assessment activities during the course. At the end of the contact session learners will complete a Portfolio of Evidence and will receive a Certificate of Competence.

This course is presented over three (3) working days.


15 August 2016


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