Competitive Bids
Due to the COVID-19 National lockdown the NSG hereby extend bid validity of the following bids currently in the evaluation phase.
New bid validity date is Friday, 30 October 2020
Panel of Experts for practices related to the Education, Training and Development (ETD) Environment:

  1. NSG/BID/12/2019/2020 – Facilitators
  2. NSG/BID/13/2019/2020 – Coach and/or Coach Supervisors
  3. NSG/BID/14/2019/2020 – Assessors
  4. NSG/BID/15/2019/2020 – Moderators
  5. NSG/BID/16/2019/2020 – Curriculum Designers
  6. NSG/BID/17/2019/2020 – Consultants
Open Bids
Provision of outsourced ICT Services to the National School of Govenment (NSG) for a Period of five years
Past Bids
Batho Pele hotline: 0860 428 392
Anti-Corruption hotline: 0800 023 456